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Atlantic City – Broadway Hall

Posted by Bethany Lawry

15 Jan 2014

While the west coast of America has Las Vegas as the heart of tourism, gambling and entertainment, the east coast has Atlantic City.  Founded in the late 19th century as a popular tourist destination, Atlantic City was one of the first places to take advantage of the railroad, thus making this vacation spot accessible to the middle class as well as the upper.  This east coast resort city became so popular that in 1921, the first annual Miss America Pageant was held and became a staple of the area until 2005.  The pageant was held in Broadway Hall which can still be visited today both for its current attractions and for a little piece of history.

Broadway Hall, formerly Convention Hall, has hosted countless entertainers and sporting events since it was built in 1929.  In terms of historical significance, it held the nation’s first indoor college football game in 1930, was used as a training facility by the Army Air Forces during World War II, and was home to the country’s first indoor helicopter flight in 1970. Even as

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Top 25 Things to Do in Australia & New Zealand: 2014 Viator Travel Awards

Posted by Abbey Lister

13 Jan 2014

Welcome to this years Top 25 Things to Do in Australia and New Zealand!

Editor’s Note: This post is part of the Viator Travel Awards, an annual awards competition where we – along with our readers, travelers, and fans – select the top things to do and see in each of the major regions we serve, the top things to do in our most popular tour categories, and more.

* * * * *

Welcome to the 2014 Viator Travel Awards: Australia and New Zealand Edition! In th

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I am about to book a hotel for my holiday in Krabi

Posted by Harrison Johnston

10 Jan 2014

Nong Thale is a sub-district of Krabi’s Muang District and home to two scenic beaches- Tubkaak Beach and Khlong Muang Beach – and a number of luxury hotels. Khlong Muang is located 24 kilometres from the town centre on highway 4034 while Tubkaak is 30 kilometres. They are both tranquil and look out towards the Hong islands. Nong Thale boasts a good range of luxury and mid-range hotels though accommodation is not as plentiful as it is in the Ao Nang area. Travelling time from Ao Nang is just 20 minutes, 30 minutes from Krabi Town and 40 minutes from Krabi Airport. Tourist facilities are not so abundant as in Ao Nang.

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Uniworld Offers “Marco Polo Promo” Booking Incentive

Posted by Abbey Lister

09 Jan 2014


Uniworld announced their “Marco Polo Promo” booking event, giving Travel Agents in the U.S. and Canada the chance to win one of four Uniworld Boutique River Cruise/Tours to Italy or China for two. The “Marco Polo Promo” celebrates the Venice-born Marco Polo, who famously explored the Silk Road trade route that linked his home Italy to China.

When travel agents book any 2014 Uniworld boutique river cruise from Jan. 6 through Feb. 28, 2014 they can enter for a chance to win one of four Italy or China Boutique River Cruises/Tours for them and a guest. Prizes inc

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France a feast for the eyes and tastebuds

Posted by Abbey Lister

07 Jan 2014


Slicing bread at the naturalwinedriven restaurant Vivant, in Paris.

Photograph by: Lesley Chesterman , The Montreal Gazette

Coming from a picnicking, backpacker travel heritage, it’s taken me decades to recognize the value of a fine meal. Now I can enthusiastically embrace a long, drawnout “splurge meal” as a wonderful investment in time and money.

Nowhere is this more true than in France. French cuisine is sightseeing for your tastebuds. You’re not just paying for the food it’s a threehour joyride for the senses as rich as visiting an art gallery and as stimulating as a good massage.

Some North Americans are intimidated when they go to a fine French restaurant, but they needn’t be.

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The Art of Packing for Non-Frequent (and Frequent) Travelers

Posted by Abbey Lister

02 Jan 2014

OK, for those who travel a lot, you probably have the packing game down to a science. A routine. You know what to take, how much to take and how to pack it.

Maybe you can skip this article.

But, if images of jumping on your suitcase as your partner quickly snaps the locks shut, or sitting on the thing while you’re doubled over tying the straps is your version of packing, then this primer on how and what to pack may be helpful.

Remember the adage: “Pack half of what you think you need and bring twice the money.”

And the one, absolute rule that has gotten me in trouble, but I still adhere to: If you pack it, you carry it! Unles

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